Josef Albers once said, “I prefer to see with closed eyes,” expressing the idea of seeing without physical sight. Color can be experienced in many forms, thus my choice to focus to be on hearing color. Chromaesthesia is inspired by a sensory condition called synesthesia, the blending or union of senses. I wanted to explore how color and sound connect with one another, and the interplay or exchange individuals have with the combination of these two senses. Chromaesthesia is an interactive program through processing producing a simulation influenced by synesthesia; emphasizing the relationship between color, sound and the user. This program will exemplify the connection between color and sound by creating visual music in an immersive environment.

This year long project went through two stages, research and production. From months researching the chosen topic, existing or relative projects and practitioners, Chromaesthesia started as a simple idea and grew into a immersive experience. Integrating graphic design and digital fabrication, Chromaesthesia exemplifies the exploration and blending of the senses through the use of mechatronics, 3D printing, and processing.​​​​​​​
+ Synesthetic Installation
    + 3D Printed Pyramids
    + Arduino & Microcontroller
    + 200+ Daisy Chained LED Lights
+ Informational Videos/Animation
+ Promo Post Cards

+ Rhinoceros 3D
+ Processing
+ Adobe Illustrator
+ Adobe After Effects
All the pyramids are recessed with LED lights and batteries; however, the main pyramid (aka “the mothership”) also contains two LED lights, the main circuit board, a breadboard, and most importantly a microphone that reads frequencies.

Aside from the installation itself, the project also includes a web presence showcasing an interactive map for people to view the colors individuals are hearing in their respective city. This allows the installation to grow through purchasing a pyramid to add to the piece and in return receiving a personal pyramid to keep as their own. Thus increasing Chromaesthesia’s interactive audience than just a colorful one-note installation. Ultimately producing a new way of experiencing sound and color, while pushing the sensory boundaries for people to explore in an innovative way. 
Coding Processes
Coding Processes
Scaled model of Installation
Scaled model of Installation
Soldering Station
Soldering Station
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