Hey, I’m Sam! Here’s a small glimpse of who I am, what I do, and why I do what I do. I grew up in Buffalo, N.Y. home of the delicious chicken wing and the Buffalo Bills. Growing up, I was the artistic child between my brother and I, always drawing and creating random things here and there. Throughout school I would be the one sketching in the margins of my notes and tests when waiting to hand them in. After graduating high school, I continued my journey and followed my passion for art to SUNY New Paltz as a visual arts major. During my sophomore year I was accepted in the BFA graphic design program and have been evolving as a designer ever since. Furthering my art career, I interned for Havas Sports and Entertainment as a design intern gaining experience and learning the craft as an internal designer for a global marketing and advertising company. Throughout my work, I strive to create diverse and transformative designs utilizing clean typography, illustrations, motion graphics, and interactive design. Creating work that exhibits my passions, as well as, my love for gaining knowledge and new experiences is what I live for as a person and designer. When I’m not hypnotized by a computer screen, you can find me enjoying the outdoors, reading, spending time with family and friends, and of course trying new food. I love what I do, and cannot wait to see where life takes me, and what amazing opportunities may come my way.

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